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    Hello,Welcome To Rui'an XuYang Luggage Co.,Ltd. Website .
    G O

    Service Introduction

    1. Provide 24 hours a day uninterrupted telephone counseling service.

    2.2 hours to respond. Service request for the users can come up with solution within 2 hours.

    Staff in place in 3.48 hours. For field personnel in place, our commitment to staff in place within 48 hours. (due to irresistible factors except)

    4. Spare parts supply services 7 days a week, as soon as possible to solve customers worries.

    5. Regular return visit system. (not less than 1 times a year), so as to establish communication channels.

    6. Warranty offer free maintenance for 1 time.

    7. Party b is responsible for training, and guide staff all technologies such as web version to party a, until to the skilled operation of equipment.

    Contact Us

    Rui'an XuYang Luggage Co.,Ltd.
    Tel:0577-6558 2888
    Fax:0577-6558 4048
    Add:Sijia Industrial Zone,
    Xianjiang,Rui'an Zhejiang,China

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